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Which kind of art would you like to see more of. 

45 deviants said Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet etc)
8 deviants said Doctor Who
5 deviants said Obscure Sci-fi (Blake's 7, Dan Dare, Moonbase 3 (Bet you havn't heard of Moonbase 3 HA! thats how Obscure i go!))
5 deviants said Original art. (Damn-it Chris actually think up something yourself for a change)
2 deviants said Kaiju (Godzilla Gamera etc)
1 deviant said Pictues of cute things. (Im a dude that likes cute things, i'm not a Pansy).



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Chris Thompson
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
My name is Chris Thompson, I am an Artist and Filmmaker living in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Check out my Youtube below.

And My Facebook…

I am quite a big Sci-fi Fan enjoying most things by Gerry Anderson, Star Trek Babylon 5, Space Battleship Yamato etc.

I enjoy creating fantastical worlds, epic spacecraft and blowing stuff up....


Thunderbird 3: Breaking Orbit by Chrisofedf
Thunderbird 3: Breaking Orbit
Part of the set of:
Thunderbird 1 - Firebird by ChrisofedfThunderbird 2: Man and Machine by ChrisofedfThunderbird 4: Armed and Dangerous by ChrisofedfThunderbird 5: A Breath of Fresh Air by Chrisofedf

And a companion piece to:
Spacewalk. by Chrisofedf

Some people say this thing was designed to appeal to Lego builders, personally I give the designer more credit. Thunderbird 3 was probably the most "retro" looking of the classic Thunderbirds and it has been interesting watching how modern designers interpret it.

Rather than going for the obvious and simply making it a space plane, TB3 has continued to be a reusable, Rocket based SSTO and has always kept her iconic nacelles, which for the new series now house extendable grasping arms.

The controversial aspect of the design is the square boosters, which is where most of the "Lego", "mine-craft" jibes come from and I must confess thats what surprised me the most when I first saw it. But I have to say, in addition to looking like Aerospikes they do give the craft a more hefty, less fragile look.

The Dominic Lavery film one is still my favourite, but maybe a few more years of this may change that :)

Made in Vue, Blender, Photoshop

10 years of doing this and I just worked out what a spectacular map was... go me...

It's actually interesting going through this these 5 TAG pictures. After I did TB2 I basically went on a mad drive learning as much new stuff as I could and I think the result kind of shows by the time you hit TB3, probably need to go back and do some tweaking :)
Spectrum is RED by Chrisofedf
Spectrum is RED
Captains Scarlet and Blue are driving somewhere really fast. Good thing they took their sweet ass ride.

I do quite enjoy the Spectrum Cheetah designed by Peter Stevens, while it may not have the same iconic quality of the Mike Trim original it is a really sleek and awesome automotive design, that you can easily picture in the real world. Or at least in a future without wing-mirrors and indicators (not the the original had them either.)

In other news, New Captain Scarlet was 10 years ago, and along with the Thunderbirds movie was one of the biggest influences that got me into film and design, while I don't often revisit it (those vehicles are really hard to model) I do often think back to it while I work.

Made in Blender

Spectrum emblem by:
Vengance of the Cybermen by Chrisofedf
Vengance of the Cybermen
Paybacks a bitch, huh?

A group of Cybermen return to the death zone to settle a score.

Yeah, cheesy title, cheesy picture, but frankly that kind of represents this era of Cybermen, they're, emotional, clunky and have developed a perchance for catchphrases, but this oddly makes them quite endearing. 

Made in: Blender, Photoshop, Not really finished, more abandoned...

Cyberleader finds this EXXXCCEELLEENNTTT though...
Thunderbird 4: Armed and Dangerous by Chrisofedf
Thunderbird 4: Armed and Dangerous
Double pun :)
Companion piece to:Into the scene... by Chrisofedf

And part of the set of:

Thunderbird 1 - Firebird by ChrisofedfThunderbird 2: Man and Machine by ChrisofedfThunderbird 5: A Breath of Fresh Air by Chrisofedf

Gordon desperately attempts to defuse a deadly hydromic missile while Thunderbird 4 carries it away from a vital under arctic research base.

Have to say, really impressed with the new TB4. It's a great design with several new kinks including large folding interchangeable arms and a glass floor which isn't actually as bad an idea as it sounds.

One of the biggest things that has impressed me about the new show is how the underwater FX sequences are executed. The subtle glare and distortion as the craft move really sells the effect. The Sea lab rescue from episode 1 has to be one of my favourite rescues yet.

Made in Blender, Rendered in Vue and Photoshop. :)

Triple pun, TB4 has demolition missiles.
Frozen Titan by Chrisofedf
Frozen Titan
Go to space they said... It will be fun they said.

I really don't do a lot of Star Trek art, which is a shame as i'm a big fan. The reason it's never really appealed to me is that looking at the vast galleries on deviant art, it's easy to think that almost everything has been done. (though i'm glad artists like :iconrobcaswell: and :iconjetfreak-7: consistently prove me wrong.)

The only two pieces I have done where of Concept Enterprises that never got made: 
The Enterprise that never was. by ChrisofedfStar Trek:Planet of the Titans by Chrisofedf

What got me thinking about doing stuff however was a sudden urge to play "Star Trek: New Worlds" again. For those not in the know, STNW is a strategy game made by Interplay during the 90s and gave fans their first experience of Star Trek on ground level. Admittedly, the game had many problems, levels where long with no save function, the AI wasn't very bright and would rarely attack, no Skirmish feature for those of us with no friends, etc.

What the game was though, was epic looking. It was very nicely designed and really felt like it fitted within the TMP world of Trek. You could track your units, from tanks to tiny worker bees, and watch them build your base, the music was also great. Pictured here is the Federation APC, designed by :iconvauxhallviva: 

The defining image of the game, right there on the box art, was a crashed starship, half buried in the sand and that's what I wanted to capture here. It's a TOS connie so I could combine my two favourite era's :) 

Made in

Yet more images I took in Iceland.

Also included is an image I started but lost faith with, but it's here, I try to learn from my mistakes so i've included it here. New World by Chrisofedf


Mon Apr 6, 2015, 1:24 AM
Been a while since I used this, been working on a lot that I can't actually post art about,  so I figured i'd update everyone with a journal.

Gemini Force 1 by Chrisofedf
You might remember a while back I was sharing information on an upcoming book series called "Gemini Force 1" created by Gerry Anderson and written by MG Harris. Well it's out in the shops in paperback now and i've been working on artwork based off legendary designer Andrew Probert's concept artwork for the project. Check out the new website here:

Another project i've been keeping under my hat is "A Christmas Miracle", another Gerry Anderson Legacy project, still can't say much but you can read about it here, in the Telegraph (how cool is that) with artwork attached.…

The new "Big finish" audio series of Terrahawks is out, with my Spacehawk on the cover, also check out this snazzy trailer from Tom Saunders, with some of my models. Give it a shot, it is actually pretty good.

Finally, I caught Thunderbirds on ITV on saturday. It really is a lot of fun and on target to be a great show. Lot of people on the Fanderson Facebook group I run tearing each others hair out over the technical details, its going to b a long year...

If your on Facebook then you can keep up with me here,… or drop by my personal page and say hello. :)

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  • Listening to: The Space Battleship Yamato soundtrack.
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Oh is that why F.A.B. stand for then ?. I tried to find the answer once on the Internet - DITTO :(
Thu Sep 25, 2014, 11:43 PM
FAB as in fabulous, F.A.B as in Full Acknowledgement of broadcast or F.A.B as in Fully Advised and Briefed :)
Fri Sep 19, 2014, 3:49 AM
We know that S.I.G. means 'Spectrum Is Green', but what the heck did F.A.B. from Thunderbirds ever stand for ?. Fight Against Bronchitis ????? :D
Thu Sep 18, 2014, 11:41 PM
Which riot in Belfast? We have a lot of them :)
Sat Sep 7, 2013, 12:13 AM
did you hear about that riot in belfast
Fri Jul 26, 2013, 1:11 PM
Sun Jun 12, 2011, 1:56 AM
Tue May 24, 2011, 9:44 PM
It was the day before International Talk like William Shatner day :)
Fri Apr 1, 2011, 1:02 AM
Khan: What?
Thu Mar 31, 2011, 10:10 AM
Fri Mar 25, 2011, 3:22 AM


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